Writing Activity #1

Hey everyone!

*crickets chirp*

…Right! So, today I’m going to try something out. A little writing activity, sort of like a mini-workout for those scribbly-muscles in your head and fingers and wrists and all that. I have a few ideas in mind for how these little shindigs are gonna go down, but here’s our first, and I promise it won’t take long.

But first, the rules!

  1. Have fun.
  2. Don’t think very hard! Just write.
  3. That’s all for now.

Okay, so here’s how this week’s activity works:

Spend a maximum of 7 minutes writing at least 200 words about something that incorporates the following words:

  • exhaustion
  • morbid
  • chocolate

It doesn’t have to be complete, just a minimum of 200 words for 7 minutes. If you’d like to write for longer or just expand upon it, then that’s fine too; just write without worrying. And don’t forget to share! Link back to your work in the comments below!